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March 23rd
We are getting it verry Rough now the wind is travelling about 60 miles an hour. Our boat is taking it verry good. There is land in sight so we watch the small mountains on the sea for a change.

25th March
Haven't much news to day feeling too sick we had a storm last night so that done the trick. No sight of land yet this 7.30 a.m. Thursday. Ha Ha Land sighted at 2.30 great Rejoicing on board the ship every one is cheering after a verry quiet voyage from Melbourne it was quite a novelty to see land on the starboard side on the Port side a P & O boat passed us, the first boat to pass us on the voyage from Melbourne. it is rumored on board this ship that America has declared war on England. We will lose sight of Land about 9 p.m. tonight, the last we will see for about 10 days.

March 26th
Well we have lost sight of land again 9 a.m. the ship is rolling now instead of pitching which has given me a chance to get on my feet again. I feel well this morning by good luck as I am ships orderly Sgt that means a busy day. I might tell you that the ships ord. Sgt. is the Senior N.C.O. of the day so you can see that a man wants to feel well on that particular day. I have a nasty Cold just at present but I got the Steward to get me a hot lemon drink & I feel much better this Morning. We have not Called at any port since we left Melb. Colombo is our next Port of Call that is ten days trip out of sight of land.

April 4th
Well we are just about to reach Colombo we have had a splendid trip from Cape Lewin.

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