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she struck a cyclone and had to return to Freemantle again, when we left there we struck it pretty rough, the seas were washing over her nose, sometimes her nose would go under, one would think she was never coming up again. The boat is the "Desosthenes" her number is A 64, she is 11,000 tons, and has 1250 soldiers all told on her besides the crew, when the water tanks start to get low she gets a very big list on the port side, she is lobsided now, one cant help bumping into one another when she heaves a bit.

I have taken to sleping on the floor again, as my hammock rocks too much when I have it swung. There is plenty of boxing done on board, and there are some fine contests at times. For the first week or so after I left home I felt homesick, but not now as I have to out my mind on my work. I have even forgotten about the girl I left behind me, I am starting a new life again. I suppose I shall find a lassie in the old dart to keep me warm of a nightime and just wait until I get to France do not be surprised if you hear of me marrying a French tart, and I believe they are very nice. I think I will have a good time in England, as I have to go and see Dad's relatives there, and one Uncle is a railway man. "Lights out" go out at 9 P.m. and every man has to be silent and in bed asleep by then, and reveillie goes at 6 a.m. every morning. The Church parade is 10 a.m every Sunday morning, we get porridge of a morning, I make a raid on it. Today (Sunday's) dinner was rabbit, it was like eating rats, no meat on them much, I don't like it much and plum pudding, you need an axe to chop it though, as it is very tough. There

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