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any of them. Some of the lads did, but never succeeded the clouds were much lower than them many a day. We spent a good evening on the invitation I got, and another a couple of nights later, and had a lovely night as it was a farewell evening to us also my mates birthday. I met a few young, and very nice girls there. I spent some happy hours that night down on the beach which will be hard to forget for some time. The girls Mother had been to Australia years ago, and she was glad to hear from Australians all about it. All through us striking these friends by luck both of us have a promised wife for us when we return, they seem to be well to do people. The house is a lovely big one, electric light throughout. There father was a contractor, but he died 4 years ago. It seems like some Australians have a good name and others bad, so we mean to keep our good name until the end comes. When we had to leave Cape Town it was just like leaving dear old Wynnum, in fact it was parting from home, it hurt very much, but duty comes first and pleasure afterwards. I would sooner have Capetown than Durban now, the beach is all sandy, and the people love to loaf their time away in the surf and sand. The pier is a lovely structure all concrete, double storied, half way out, and pictures on of a night, also tea rooms, and a nice kiosk under the jetty, everything lovely and cool, on the end was what used to be a lighthouse, but is now open to the public, it was very high, and a lovely view from the top of it, there was swimming from the pier- head also, no sharkes in sight, but very deep, and cold as ice,, the harbour is built in locks, and it is a very busy port, the har-

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