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so I slept sound until 6 a.m both mornings. We all got leave from 2 P.m both days to come home when we liked. We marched into the city 2 miles, and it was terribly hot, the sweat was pouring off in torrents with our thick uniforms on, one had to wrench our coats when we arrived in the city. I think Durban is a very pretty place, it is something like Brisbane, the chief Street, (West St) is one long street like Queen Street, Brisbane, and the suburbs are very nice, and lovely views. The trams are double deckers, and electric. We had the trams and Zoo free both days and plenty of tucker for nixy, also I went for some nice cool tram rides with my mates, but the trams in Brisbane are twice as long as the ones in Durban, and there are all kinds of animals and reptiles in the Zoo, even the old Jackass and Wallaby, it made me think of Qld when I saw them. There is a nice beach (sandy) the surf-bathing place is in an enclosure as the sharks are very bad there, we had the baths free also, it was lovely in surfing, just like Tweed Heads and Redcliffe. Everything is very dear, especially fruit, the pineapples that we get at Manly. Qld, for 6d per sugar bag are 3d each. They try to take one down so one has to watch the coloured race, they keep your change, and would even run away with your clothes. There are some fine big buildings in the city, the railway Station is very large, and the engines are tank engines, but the mail engines are even larger than the C 18 styles Qld, and there are also some Yankee engines, but the 1st class carriages are like 2nd class in Qld, and different style. The gauge

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