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my nose this morning when I poked my head outside the door it was so cold.

We are picking up our escort any time after Sunday 25/2/17, and we have only 5 more days to go, and then we are to land in England, it shall be 9 weeks tomorrow Sunday 25/2/17 since we left Sydney, so this trip shall take 2 ½ months, it seems to be a long time to be on the water.

We are now on the ordinary trade route, we were out of it by over 1,000 miles so as to keep clear of Canary Islands, as the submarines are pretty bad round there. I hear we are through the worst part of our voyage, our auxiliary cruiser has been kept busy lately, whenever she sees a steamer of any sort she is after it, and after stopping her and exchanging signals and cruising round it, lets it go on its journey, but they must belong to some British firm. I suppose if they caught an enemy ship they would send it to the bottom or else take her into port with us. Only this morning she pulled up a White Star Liner bound for New Zealand. She was a sister boat to one which is with us, which has troops on her from New Zealand. She was a very large ship 4 masts, 1 funnel, but she could travel fast, so after finding out particulars from her let her go on her voyage. She was only about ½ a mile off us when she passed us, From Monday next 26/2/17 all troops on board have to wear their life belts day and night until we arrive in port. We have been eating Bulllock's joy (treacle) and stick-arse (treacle) lately as the jam has run short, it is a change for awhile. The best food I have had since I have been on board was last

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