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think if ever I return I shall want to roam a good bit as it opens ones eyes seeing the world, as there are very beautiful sights to be seen on this voyage. I think by the time I arrive in England I could write a book of my experiences while on this voyage. Perhaps I didn't have much sense when I was going with Alice, although you told me all, but I wouldn't take any notice until I found out myself, I am sorry now I ever met her as there is a good name ruined with me now, so I hope when I return everything of the past will be forgotten after doing my duty.

We are now a few days off Sierra Leone, our next port, I wish it was England, as I am fed up with the voyage now, we have been 7 weeks up to yesterday 9th Feb. but still we have another 2 weeks on the water yet. We are by now just a day past the Equator, and I am glad we are, as the heart was awful, anyone in Queensland thinks the summer is bad enough there, but I have never struck anything so had as over here, the sweat would roll off one while asleep, many a soldier on board was wearing short trousers, and all men were compelled to have a bath every day we were even marched to the bath by a N.C.O. and many a snotty N.C.O. got dipped. Now it is much cooler, and this morning 10/2/17 we ran into a storm, it was a blessing to see rain again after not seeing it for 6 weeks. Yesterday and early this morning there were some suspicious steamers hanging around, but when the cruiser got on their track they cleared very quick and we soon lost sight of them in the distance with our cruiser

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