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I have made up my mind to go to the front as a signaller. At first I thought I would give it up when I got to England. I met a private in my unit yesterday. He was relieving S.M. in the Toowoomba district, his name is Klauke. I mentioned your name and he told me he took your place at Yelarbon when you were transferred to Kalbar. He is a terror to roar, especially when he cant get enough tucker to eat. I asked him if he met J.C. Ricketts up there, he said he had worked with him and he was the biggest fool he ever struck, and he also was good at derailing trucks etc. so he is making a name for himself in the West.

I must close now as we have arrived at last at our destination. Plymouth Harbour.

Your old pal
A.J. Marsh

[Transcribed by June Pettit for the State Library of New South Wales]

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