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[Official Stamp]
1st L.H. First. 1st L.H. Brigade


Dear Little Mother
Write you from the Franconia & also posted a sketch of my camp here at Anzac. Diary notes also I shall post as before but the Censorship will be more strict, from here. The weather is better again. I am very fit.
Today both Turkish & our own aeroplanes are up burring away in the sky, ours have a square tail [Sketch] Turks [Sketch]. Guns fire all day & night but one gets quite accustomed to it.
In our dug out I can see an old Bully Beef Tin for a Billy, Golden Syrup, with the fat saved from the Bacon for a [indecipherable] lamp, next our gas helmets then a strop, steel mirror hanging on a Bayonet – and seratim, Revolver Eno's Fruit Salt in a hole in the earth wall, then a towel Soap & Razor & a water bottle with some Rum.
I sit Here on a sand bag & write you ere turning in but will not till I hear from you; all my love from your fond son Frank
There in letters gone from Egypt I suspect.
I enclose a good 10/- note endorsed by me as Pay for Gallipoli men – with love your son

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