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on Monday morning, reaching Walkers pier at 4.25 Am – doing in 20 minutes what used to take an hour –
We ran all the way, with Soks on our boots to hide the sound – The big mine with all the surplus High Explosives being fired just as we entered the MAORI sap from No 1 Outpost, a terrific explosion & now the Turks fired everything they had. At the wharf were Colonel ANTILL & the embarkation officer & about 5 others behind us as our barge steamed out they got with another tug on the opposite side of the pier there were no others –
I left in my dugout, Blankets, rubber boots & kit that I could not carry & a letter to Johnny Turk asking him to give any of our prisoners or wounded a fair go –
The hours were long waiting, to add to the deception we walked about the trench coughed & kept firing from different positions. I had spare rifles loaded & placed in position & plenty of bombs, but

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