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No 1 ALH
(Aug 11) 1915
Dear Mother It is a long story the past 10 days. I wrote up to time of leaving LEMNOS & getting into a [indecipherable] steamer from the Knights Templar – We then in the night crowded into barges & were towed ashore prior at dawn.
I left a sentry on the beach to watch the groceries I brought over & the [indecipherable] of whiskey & then commenced to climb the hill to Pope's Hill where our men are entrenched 50 yards from the Turks.
I reported to Brigade Head Quarters & first reached the trenches as dawn broke at 3.30 A.M.
Then the Artillery commenced & as I thought at the time a terrible amount of rifle fire & shrapnel but really nothing to what was to follow the next morning.

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