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May 30th
Field Officer today – Jim Ayres read me letters from old [indecipherable] – very interesting I don't get half letters from girls I used to have !! before I was married. My Bivy is comfortable, tho' very small cannot sit straight even when on the ground. Flies are bad but we have peace at present & in France it must be Hell –
May 31st Censored
June 1st
Bad news from France taking Soissions. How will it all end – Rode into -- where Cavalry Camp the dust becomes dreadful & ones eyes suffer
2nd Went Church Parade
Procession in _& all notables around turn out to hear the band play "God save the King – I did not go as am on duty
Very erratic the mail these days
4th Censored 5th 6th 9th 8th see Diary to June 21st
June 21st
Cannot use clinical thermometer in the daytime, the more it is shaken the more it goes up till it breaks
Australasian Feb 2nd says "Rabbits within 42 miles of Perth are causing

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