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I've got a bit of the propeller as a small memento of a big [indecipherable]
Arrived midnight

Letters from home – also D'quin papers etc Sleeping most of the day – Our [indecipherable] [indecipherable] even short men , like birds, we travel by night like robbers, we stand to arms the best part of the night & we live on bully beef & weevilly biscuits. "Both sides of my stomach & marmalade. I'm sick with brackish water – I want to go home. I & my donkey too tired"
Church parade- did not go – I hear most of our mail has gone to France in error so I may miss a few letters for a while – Sunday dinner – "Fray Bentos" Bully Beef, we all swear by the Queensland stuff, it is much the best – As for the American it was this brand that had fish hooks in it -
Sydney mails of May 15th show a Pontoon Bridge built, not by Australian Engineers but by Cheshires , it isour Camp near them free in the background & the Pontoon Bridge is over a Canal not the Nile – Another Taube over us this morning 4 bombs on K – it is wearisome standing to arm sat 3.30 am & then every time an enemy plane flies over – First time we have seen an Aerial battle

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