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March 23rd
Rations are short but better times are ahead when the railway works well – If anyone wants to know what to send a Light Horse man, a quart pot in leather case is the thing, it is unprocurable in Cairo – A Parcel arrived from Benduck, full of good things, have written my thanks
Jerusalem – Went to Holy Sepulchre Calvary, joined in Greek Service Armenians Jews Catholics all have their own chapels, inside the old Crusaders Temple – Then on [indecipherable] Mahomets Rock at Omar Mosque This time I was allowed to go in, after taking off my shoes – or boots
Had the Military Governor to mess tonight
25 & 26th See Diary
27 & 28th      "
Good Friday
Went Jerusalem to Holy Sepulchre & everywhere bells are ringing & Jews Syrians & Armenians are dressed in their Sunday best. Found on arrival at church we would have to stand for 5 hours. The service being translated in seven languages so we did not go in but went to the Mount of Olives instead.

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