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[Page 98]

[Telegram form – The Eastern Telegraph Company, Limited. Alexandria Station. Dated 24 Aug. 1915. 207 words. Daily Telegraph London]
[Continuation of Ashmead Bartlett's first report of the British action at Suvla Bay,
6th – 10th August]

NINE. stop Our forces in front of Anafarta having secured a good position by the evening of August seventh eighth [censor's deletion] found themselves confronted with the problem of taking the Anafarta Hills on the eighth stop but the Turks although few in numbers made the most skilful use of the assistance afforded them by the broken nature of the country stop their artillery sought out our reserves and shelled the roads leading round the lake they only held their trenches weakly and pushed forward the majority of their men as tirallieurs into the broken ground in front stop [contd. page 102]
[tirailleurs = colonial soldiers]
Ashmead Bartlett Radcliffe censor

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