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[Envelope – postmarked London 8 May. Addressed to Signals Intelligence Dept,]

R.J. Mackay, Esq., C.B.E.
War Office,

[Page 42]
[Blank Telegram form]
[Continuation of Ashmead Bartlett's report of the action of 29th June at Cape Helles]
[censor's deletion - the Caucasus] for they certainly have been very prodigal of life in the last few days stop from captured orders it is evident the Turkish commanders are very worried over the facility with which we have taken their trenches in our last two advances [stop] most drastic steps are being taken to prevent a repetition of this in the future for the men are strictly forbidden to retire and their officers have orders to shoot them if they do and any officer who refuses to shoot his men is to be shot himself stop this order sent round by one of the Divisional Commanders has to be signed by all the officers of battalions who undertake to carry out the instructions contained therein stop meanwhile the Turks have constructed four new lines of trenches of great strength in front of our left wing whilst they are daily digging all around Achi Baba and Kilid Bahr plateau into a regular fortress [censor's deletion - so it would be foolish to expect any rapid opening of the road to Constantinople]

ashmead bartlett

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