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[Telegram form marked Eight/2]
[Continuation of Ashmead Bartlett's report of the action of 12th/13th July at Cape Helles]
Daily Telegraph London
July fourteenth section seven stop. the night is always the most anxious time for generals in Gallipoli after positions have been taken and must be held by men warn out by the heat and exertions of the previous day stop the Turk has a partiality for night fighting for then his inferiority in artillery is not apparent and he meets us on more even terms stop it was impossible to see what was happening but throughout of the night of the twelveth and thirteenth the rifle fire hardly ever ceased and at dawn it rose into a crescendo stop the Turks bringing up reinforcements attacked our weary men through the communication trenches with bombs and bayonets stop the kilted troops fought gallantly but could not maintain all the ground they had won on the previous afternoon being driven out of two lines of trenches but never losing their hold on the redoubt but [the]
Ashmead Bartlett

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