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the twenty first that the enemy made overtures for an armistice for burying the dead but up to the present this has not been granted owing to the suspicious number of troops in his front line trenches stop in places the Turks made four or five separate efforts to charge home using hand grenades but they all failed dismally stop The effect of this success achieved at so small cost on the Australians and New Zealanders has been very great stop hitherto they have been fighting under most difficult conditions against great odds and their loses have been heavy both in the early days and amongst the two Brigades which took in part in the recent attack against Krithia and Achi Baba stop they have seen many of their comrades fall without the obtainment of the results for which they hoped and they have felt they have had many old scores to wipe out on the enemy ever since stop their revenge has exceeded their utmost expectations for without having to expose themselves they have wiped out thousands of the enemy stop

after the attack General Birdwood took me all round the front lines with him and it at once became evident that the troops were more contented with themselves and life generally than they have been for some long time past stop the men were resting after their exertions of the last few days lying in their bombproofs consuming large quantities of tinned meat biscuits jam of which they are extremely fond and tea stop in reply to a question of the general quote how many did you kill quote the answer came quote that I cant say general but lookout here and there are [censor's deletion – twelve] eight acres of them lying round quote another happy warrior remarked quote you put them up for us general and we'll shoot all you want quote there are many signs that the moral effect of this repulse on the Turks has been very great they are ask-[ing]

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