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[Telegram form – The Eastern Telegraph Company, Limited. Alexandria Station. Dated 1 Sept. 1915. 300 words]
[Ashmead Bartlett's second report on the British action at Suvla Bay, and the Anzac attack on Lone Pine, 6th – 10th August]
Daily Telegraph London R.T.P.
Cable five section one August nineteenth stop since the great battle the greatest fought on the Gallipoli peninsular closed on the evening of August 10th both armies have been busily engaged in consolidating their new positions in taking stock of their gains and losses and replenishing their ammunition and munitions and in sorting out and reorganising the divisions brigades and battalions which of necessity become intermingled in this rugged mountainous country stop since last cabling I have had time to visit the ground over which the Anzac Corps advanced in its desperate efforts extending over four consecutive days to reach the crest of Sari Bair the commanding ridge overlooking the Dardanelles which gives access to the highest peak of all the sinister heighth of Koja Chemen which is torn asunder by a giant ravine stop
The New Zealand Infantry Brigade the Gourkas and some battalions of the 13th Division almost reached their objective but were unable to hold their ground through no fault of their own stop the 6th battalion of Gourkas actually reached the crest of the plateau and was chasing the Turks down the reverse slopes when by one of those unavoidable mischances which are bound to happen in modern warfare more especially in broken mountainous country some of our own shells [censor's deletion] landed in their midst stop at the same moment the Turks taking advantage of the resulting confusion counter attacked in great force and the gallant men from the Hills were driven back off the crest to the lower spurs beneath stop but the survivors obtained a view and have given a description of the promised land which lay beneath them stop Below lay the waters of the Dardanelles and they looked down on the Narrows and Kilid Bahr stop
ashmead bartlett / Radcliffe Censor

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