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[Telegram form – The Eastern Telegraph Company, Limited. Alexandria Station. Dated 24 Aug. 1915. 207 words. Daily Telegraph London]
[Continuation of Ashmead Bartlett's first report of the British action at Suvla Bay,
6th - 10th August]
FIFTEEN. was nothing to do but rush each in turn with the bayonet small parties being detached for this purpose stop when day broke [censor's deletion] it was decided to deploy and seize the ridges flanking the valley of Asma Dere where the Brigade [censor's deletion] succeeded in digging in under [censor's deletion] artillery and rifle fire stop during the course of this running fight the emplacement of the seventy fice centimetre [75 mm?] gun which has done so much damage on the beach was discovered but the gun had been removed however a very large store of ammunition for it was captured and the New Zealanders who had come in on the right captured two machine guns stop the whole of Saturday was spent in consolidating the position [three lines deleted by censor]
Ashmead Bartlett Radcliffe Censor

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