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[Ashmead Bartlett's report of the British action of 29th June at Cape Helles]
[Telegram form – The Eastern Telegraph Co. Ltd. Alexandria Station.
Dated 14 July 1915. 203 words]
Daily Telegraph London
July seventh number three stop The successful advance of our left wing on June twenty eighth seems to have most seriously alarmed the enemy and to have caused him grave anxiety for the safety of his right flank stop having brought up fresh troops some of them raw levies from Asia he has been counter attacking vigorously ever since making the most desperate but vain efforts to recover the lost trenches stop
it is reported that Enver himself has come down from Constantinople to stimulate
the faithful to fresh exertions by his presence and a great banner was hoisted on Achi Baba symbolical of his arrival stop there also are dissensions in the Turkish camp for the generals on the spot who have gained experience of the futility of these massed counter attacks against entrenched British infantry and under superior artillery fire were opposed to any attempt to recover the lost ground arguing that it would be better to strengthen the trenches to which they have fallen back and there to wait our fresh advance stop [censor's deletion -this undoubtedly was the sound policy for them to adopt] but Enver would not hear of it stop he insisted on a general attack along the whole of our lines.
Ashmead Bartlett

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