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[Continuation of Ashmead Bartlett's first report of the British action at Suvla Bay,
6th – 8th August]
R.T.P. Daily Telegraph London
Cable four section two August 12th stop whilst this fighting was in progress the 4th Australian Brigade marched out silently towards the north along the lower spurs high hills held by the Turks stop this brigade was protected on the flank by the Brigade of Gourkas and Sikhs stop instructions were given to the Australians that they were not to load their magazines and that all fighting until dawn broke was to be done with the bayonet stop after marching for two miles the Australians met with their first opposition in unknown and unexplored territory and the ridges broken and covered with thick bramble were very like those encountered on the first landing stop every ridge seemed to be held by the enemy and there
Ashmead Bartlett / Radcliffe Censor

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