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​Mitchell to Charleville, Morven (half way).  Kept with McComb until three came on alone.  Weather unfit for flying.  Machine had test after overhaul, Charleville.  Engine O.K.
Round Charleville
Round Charleville.
Charleville to Blackall.
Round Blackall.
Blackall to Jericho, landed for ½ hour.
Jericho to Barcaldine.
​Round Barcaldine (with Roberts in Avro).
Barcaldine to Aramac, landed for 3 hours to see garages.
Aramac to Longreach, landed on road near Illfracombe [Ilfracombe] to fill up oil.
Round Longreach.
​Round Longreach.  Attempted to land in road E. of town, struck wire across road and crashed.  One lower wing, undercarriage, supports, propellor & fore part of fuselage smashed, engine practically undamaged.

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