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Camerons paddock, Ipswich to T'mba landed ground Harristown.
​Over T'mba landed ground Harristown.
Over T'mba (Free trip).
​Over T'mba.
Over T'mba (T'mba Gazette Paper) wheat ½ mile E.
From T'mba to Pittsworth landed paddock of town, round Pittsworth (Editor of Paper)
Round Pittsworth (Our agent).
​Round Pittsworth (Owner of Paddock lent)
​Pittsworth to Dalby, landed paddock N. of town.  Round Dalby threw out Peace Loan pamplets.
Dalby to Roma landed in Mr. Spiencers Homestead paddock.
Roma to Mitchell landed common W. of town ½ mile.
​Mitchell.  Met McComb & Campbell & showed them landing (Peace Loan Machine).

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