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Tamworth Racecourse - 1 Landing.
Tamworth Racecourse - 1 Landing.
​Tam. to Gunnedah, landed Pentecost's paddock.
Gunnedah to Coonabarabran, landed racecourse, landed Maj. Browns Paddock, Cooma.
​Round Brown's paddock - 7 landings.
Flight over show ground, Sports day Cooma.
​Coonabarabran to Gunnedah, landed Hamiltons paddock.
Over Gunnedah, 8 landings, Hamiltons paddock.
From Gun. to Manilla, landed Baldwin's paddock.
Manilla - 4 landings, Baldwin's paddock.
Manilla to Barraba, landed next racecourse.
Barraba to Moree, landed next hospital.
Round Moree over show, 8 landings, hospital.
​Round Moree - 1 landing hospital.
Moree to Inverell landed behind racecourse.
​Inverell to Glen Inness [Glen Innes] landed racecourse.

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