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Glen Innes to Warwick, Q'land, landed racecourse.

Up to 9/5/20 - JHB, R.O. Bush.

Racecourse, Warwick, 2 landings.
Landed Racecourse, Toowoomba.
Landed Lytton Camp, Brisbane.
Over Brisbane Regatta, 1 landing.
Greased Lytton Camp.
1 landing Lytton Camp.
6 landings, Lytton.
Over Brisbane dropping leaflets.
From Bris. to Murwillumbah.  Landed Racecourse.  Photos.  1 Landing Racecourse.  Lying in heavy rain & head winds.
​Went to Lismore via Kyogle & Casino.  Landed in Risks paddock under water at 5, dark, & still raining.  Bad landing ground.


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