[MS 911] 
September 4 1820
My very dear Brother,
     I have to acknowledge your kind letter bearing date January 1819 which I received the day month on which I was to united to my dear Walter with whim I have been exceedingly happy and I feel confident that our marriage was of the Lord.
But my dearest Thomas how has 9 months altered the face of things when we expected a dear little one to caress and make us if possible more happy. a disease came over our land A severe cough headache dizziness sore teeth weakness etc which I was seized with, this hastened my confinement 3 or 4 days before my proper time however after lingering 1 day and night the Lord safely brought me thru' natures troubles on the 19 of August when we had the pleasure of embracing a fine daughter, she did very well for a week, then providence was pleased to afflict her with the cough which brought on convulsions. Her bowels also were much affected this her dear little tender frame could not bear it was therefore the means of sending her to her long home on Friday the 1st Sept this my dear Brother was [our?] stroke indeed yet this is not all, our dear, very dear father was taken from us the Tuesday before, and yesterday my nephew Samuels son he was born on the 25. Mrs Jonathan and Son are at present doing well. I understand long full letters have been written you by the […….] and others. Therefore  I shall not enlarge. Blessed be God I am recovering tho’ at presen am weak. The Lord has indeed been my helper. And most wonderfully supported me under these afflictions, which I trust will be the means of bringing me nearer to God than ever. The Judge of the earth has done right neither would I alter one tittle were it possible my dear relations are going a little before to that happy Canaan where I hope they will ere long welcome me and the others few that yet remain. My other dear Self will file things I therefore close with very best love and longing to see your dear face once more. The little article all came Safe. Mr [……] is much pleased with the watch.
       God bless you my love I yet hope to see you again
        Your very loving Sister M C Lawry

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