[Letter 1 page 1]

Oh, My Dear Sir/
What a 
is here, in poor ... option Miller
he is so altered that you wod
not know him, so [sadened?]
and weak without the slightest
hope of his [indecipherable]
have not [indecipherable]
even since I write you
before that it I really am 
almost [nere?] off my legs
Mrs Du Vermott is with me
this fortnight, she now
sits up the [foil?] most of
the night & I get a few
hours sleep - [indecipherable]

[Letter 2 page 1]
Pastmayer June 29th
My dear Sister
I have
not any thing interesting
to communicate but
think it will be
a disappointment to
you not to hear from
any of us by Mr. Smith
I beleive [sic] Elizabeth 
informed Jane that
Mrs. Keane had been
delivered of a little

Current Status: 
Partially transcribed