mory as ever I can sometimes hardly
believe he is gone though I was an eye wit-
ness to that mournful scene.— I beg your
acceptance of a few Oranges which I hope you
will like. I should think they will be ser
viceable to you as I understand the Measles is
a complaint that makes one very thirsty.
I am very happy to hear you like your new
lodgings so well had poor Maurice been
permitted to return he would have been
with you. We poor creatures that have
not so much as one moment of time we
can call our own are very fond of draw
-ing plans without once thinking that our
lives may not be spared to execute them
and that God has his plans too, which
we know nothing of.— All the Family
write with me in kind regards to Mr. Mars
den Mr. Williams and yourself
believe me to be a

Brother your well wishing Sister

Eliza Evans

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