[page 2 letter 1]
it Convenient Mr. McA will be most
happy to see him at No 40 George Street
Dr. Hamilton called about half an hour Since
informing of the Mary being in the Sound

[page 2 letter 2]
you will I hope pardon me for Making the request as
I am well aware I have no right so do do —
Our Worthy Good Old Friend Capt Miller is I fear
not long for this World, indeed he is a great Age & what
must be expected, he is very fortunate in having so good a Nurse
for poor Miss Davis's Attention to him is that of a fond Child
to an aged parent, she has poor Woman a very heavy hand
between poor Capt Miller & her Mother, the fatigue Miss Davis
goes thro' might I say is great indeed, she must miss poor William,
Shod you my dear Sir have a wish to ride over to our poor
Capt Miller I shall be very happy to see you at my house &
I will promise you a well aird Bed, poor Capt Miller's
breath is so much affected that he can say very little in Bed, he
was rather better yesterday, I shall have this letter open till
I heard how he is in the Evening, poor William I pitty him
being at such a distance, at the same time think it fortunate
he is with his kind Uncle, I will thank you to favor me with ["a" written above]
and if you come to see poor Capt Miller let me know what day,
I fear the awfull day is not far distant. I am dear Sir
your obliged M Jones

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