Dear Sir
The bearer Mr D Jones respecting [indecipherable text struck through]
I have taken the liberty of writing about
upon a former occasion and who now comes up at

according to
the requests of the Church Missy Society
has hastened up to London
he comes rather early in the month that he
may have an opportunity of attending some
of the May meetings should it meet with
your approbation — He perhaps may stand
in need of a little polish as well as advice at the same time
I trust you will find he has the
root of the matter
"some good thing in him"
to be found in him Praying for the
success of the Missy cause & that the
that faithful labourers may be found
& for blessings to discend [sic] upon yours & the
Societies exertions I remain Dear Sir
Most respectfully yours

Your Obt Servt

Your Obliged & respectful



Current Status: 
Ready for review