40 George Street Dock

Friday morning
Mr McArthur returns his best Compts
to Mr Hassell and is extremely obliged
by his offer of taking letters or parcels out
to his friends in N.S.Wales, regrets—
that he had not known sooner
of the Marys arrival in the Sound
And is apprehensive from the wind
Coming to the North, will Sail
in the course of this day— if not
— And Mr. H — Can make it

[new letter]
Mile End Cottage Landovery

Wednesday Nover 22d
My Dear Sir/

I am going to take a very great Liberty
with you in consequence of my having mentioned you to some
friends of mine at Carmarthen when I was there in the summer,
they are very [anxitious?] that their son/ who is now at Lampeter School/
shod become acquainted with you, and if you will do me the favour
of calling upon him I shall feel particularly obliged to you,
he is I understand a well disposed Lad, his Name is Prytherick
and Boards at Mr Jenkins's, his Father is in the Medical line
at Carmarthen and a Relation of Mrs Williams of [Heallys?],
I hope you will be not be offended with the Liberty I take
as it is in consequence of my giving my opinion of you
and mentioning that I thought it wod be a great advantage to
any young Man to become acquainted with you, that Mr &
Mrs Prytherick are very desirous their son shod be known to you
and hope it will not be unpleasant to you to call upon him

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