[cover page letter 1]

Reverend Mr Hassall
10 Whimple Street

[indecipherable] 14/9-21

[cover page letter 2]

Mr Hassall
Llandovery — Revd Williams
Post Paid } Lampeter

[upside down text] 

[Mr Thos?] Jones 23/11-20 

[cross written text left] 

I have this moment perused your Letter to Miss Davis
who is in the greatest affliction she tells me Capt Miller
poor Man is as Ill as he can be [indecipherable] I fear his recovery
is past all hope I inclose you poor Miss Davis' Note.

[cross written text right]

My Letter was written before I knew that Miss Davis
and informed you of my wishes respecting Mr Prytherick to whom
I will thank you to give any compts & to Mr Marsden
and pray ... my best thanks for your Notice of the former
whom, no loss by the [Mail?] on Monday the [indecipherable] for my friend's House,

Current Status: 
Partially transcribed