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[See page 47 for telegram form related to this despatch]
[Ashmead Bartlett's despatch transmitted, 23 July describes the action of 12th/13th July 1915 at Cape Helles involving the British 52nd Lowland Division, aimed at capturing the Turkish trench system east of the Sedd-el-Bahr-Krithia road]
Daily Telegraph London
July fourteenth summary stop as result of two days severe fighting the right of our line and French left has gained considerable ground in front of Achi Baba Nullah stop on twelveth 157 a Brigade Lowland Territorial Division after terrific bombardment lasting one hour successfully advanced capturing strong redoubt and several lines of trenches on left stop in severe fighting night of twleveth thirteenth on right 155 Brigade Lowland Division took two lines of trenches but and obtained lodgement in third but were driven out holding first two but they failed to make liason with French on our right stop

during night twelveth thirteenth bitter hand to hand fighting took place in trenches and saps Turks counter attacking vigorously and 157 Brigade were forced to evacuate some advanced trenches stop afternoon thirteenth attack reorganised and Naval Division were brought up into firing line stop at four thirty pm after further bombardment general assault was delivered in conjunction with French our infantry on left swept irrestibably forward recapturing all evacuated trenches and advancing considerable distance beyond the Turks flying in disorder stop on right two lines of trenches again taken but attack held up at third and Naval Division suffered considerable losses stop result whole section of enemy's line captured and consolidated on left but on

Ashmead Bartlett

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