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March 1820

11th Paid Mr Browne's Groom a Promissory note
        for £1.0.0 for 4 [braces?] @ 5/- each
        Newman - ½ lb tea 3lbs Sugar
        Duke Cash ------------------------------------0..5..0
13th Sent to Camden by [indecipherable] 
        2 Bags Sugar               1 Black smith's Bellows
        1 [Steel?] mile                1 Hamper conts
        1 Bag Acorns        Bottles wine 2 pr Candle Sticks
                                      Bundle of quills Parcel for Mr [Mcolley?]
                                      Tin Cullinder Nutmeg-grater
                                      Pepper Box Flour Do Small tin
                                      Fish 2 lbs of [Crasso?] thread
With the cart a tarpaulin to be left at Camden
& a short musket to be returned here by Thorn
14 Newman ¼lbs Tea

         This book is indebted to }  £
         me for Cash advanced   }  45..0..-
                       PL. Ja.Mc.A


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