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February 1819
11th Recd. from H. H. MacArthurs
1 Bag 43 lb D C [indecipherable] 11 [indecipherable] 1.19.5
Balance with [indecipherable] £ 2.7.2 to be drawn for 
The [indecipherable] to Mr. Fields [men?] & to [indecipherable] 
Mortlock are due on Saturday the 20th [indecipherable]
Mr Field's men [draw?] Five rations [indecipherable] of 
Beef or 4 [to?] of Pork & [indecipherable] of Wheat each.
[Total?] of [indecipherable] rations - 35 lb Beef & 40 lbs of Wheat.
[On?] Saturday [Wade?] & Mortlock [indecipherable] receive their Tea & Sugar weekly- as Mr Fields Cart will come in every week.
Need from Joseph Williams the [Cooper?] & Buckets
12th Tea 2lbs - Sugar 1/2 lb tea
[indecipherable] [indecipherable] [indecipherable][indecipherable]
Paid Smith {the Taylor} [indecipherable] £ 2..1..0
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