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[Page 138]

flying about today – we have just got the news that Fritz has attacked on a wide front near St Quentin & Cambrai & pushed our fellows back considerably & we are all debating on our getting a mover down there again.

[Transcriber's notes:
Audruicq/Audruick spelt Ardruick
Baizieux spelt Basieux
Dikkebus perhaps spelt Dickebush
Le Doulieu spelt Doilleu
Dranouter spelt Dranoutre
Godewaersvelde spelt Godervaersvelde and Goedaervelde
Pommier spelt Pommiers
Poperinge spelt Poperinghe
Reningelst spelt Reninghelst
St Sauveur spelt St Sauver
Steenvoorde spelt Steenwoorde
Watten spelt Whatten]

[Transcribed by Barbara Manchester for the State Library of New South Wales]

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