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And then theres Allen that's the chap who's always very quiet. Who does his cooking long with Sol and know just how to diet for [indecipherable] he getting fat just now yes aint he just a picture of the chap who advertises that John Dewars mixture.
He says he has not had a spell since this damn thing began. The other sigs can't say the same except perhaps one man

Theres Campey next you all know him the man that does not smile unless theres something going on that is just worth his while. I think he's got a temper for hes shown it once or twice and the man who bears the brunt of it don't think it very nice.
He's really very decent when his liver is in true and you don't go talking ballyrot and aworrying of him

And then lets on to Bartlett who has one stripe on his arm

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