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try and kid or suck himself up a tree

25/11/15 Paid a quid tried to buy jam & matches no luck

26/11/15 managed to buy 1lb Margarine 3/- and some chocolate 1/- for [indecipherable] cake "cheap" but not too bad

28/11/15 Snow falling, very cold, started at 1.01 AM this morning still going strong no one seems very pleased about either, Im not, Im just wondering whether I own my own feet or not . Got an idea that they are cold for I cant feel any sensation at all.

1.12.15 Nice day after 3 days severe cold snow started in to thaw
Paraded to OC yesterday about my teeth he is going to see about it and that is just about all about it I think.
Put some biscuits to soak yesterday at dinner time they have been there 24 hours now and they are still as hard as flint
The battalion has been on half rations for over a week now and we will be on ΒΌ rations next week. Gott Strafe Kaiser Bill and Enver Pasha

The turks gave the beach nothing a few days ago blew our half

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