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There are strong rumours afloat that we are going to have xmas dinner in Egypt I'll make an awful mess of something if we do just heard that there is a mail in so am off to see if Im lucky

7/12/15 The Colonel has returned things may look up a bit they could do with it.
The warships are putting in a bit of overtime handing out "Iron rations' to "Abdul" in slick time nice music, I hope "Abdul" gets them all

8/12/15 nothing doing, either in the canteen at Embros or here Oh what a lovely system we work under.

9/12/15 Issue of Gift Goods I collected a tin of Tomato Soup and it was good a nice "niff" about it quite distinct from that arising from dead Turks and Bully beef and such like stuff.
We move on Saturday for the Trenches of the 2nd Bn. Did not collect any mail. hard luck
They say old Kaizer Bill is going to dictate terms of peace on Saturday, poor old Bill he must be suffering from some slight hallucination of the brain or over indulgence in the delights of modern warfare.

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