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Short diary of the second spasm of the war in Galipoli

27/10/15 - Got on board 'Oxuauich' for the front a practical illustration of packing sardines or boxing dates

28/10/15 - Still on board too rough to land betting 10 to 1 on Anzac

29/10/15 - Still on board betting 100 to 1 Anzac

30/10/15 - Landed at Anzac started hill climbing the Major leading with a walking stick in one hand and fist full of air in the other we had packs so lost the Major.

31/10/15 to 3/11/15 - Nothing doing, digging dug outs all day for some one else all spare time devoted to swearing and commenting on the wonderful organisation of the army especially the Aus Quota

4/11/15 - Sick as a dog went to Europe and done my ivories

5/11/15 - Installed in my new dug out 2nd I wonder for how long

6/11/15 - Sitting on a phone in the trenches lisping messages and cursing everything & everybody. Had three spoonfuls of cornflower three times a day, and Im hungry

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