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11/12/15 supposed to move at 6 AM for 2nd Bn trenches, order cancelled, ordered to move at noon for 4th Light horse order cancelled, stop where we are, a little later ordered to move to old H.Q. after due deliberation and many varied comments on the armies administration, all of which, though very lucid and original, I could roll into one and lay out nicely and then add some, we moved.

12/12/15 Installed in old H.Q. looks as if it has lately been occupied by a herd of swine taken all day to clean up.

13/12/15 Tobacco issue again one tin for 4 men for a week.
Q.M.S. Erwin gone to grass, sick , gee he's a fine sport, he looked as though he were going to die nearly made me sick to look at him

14/12/15 Strange rumours afloat, we are going to evacuate one minute the next we are going to charge and the latest is no letters allowed either on or off the island sounds nice and comfy I don't think

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