Item 01: Walter V. Wright diary, 27 October 1915-11 February 1916 - Page 9

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Its quite a pleasure just to sit and watch his glowing smiles.
When he blows off and tells you of those awful horrid sprees he had when down there mongst the nigs the boys and coconut trees Im sure hes lived a wicked life and has a horrid past. But lets hope hell be on top when the Turk has fired his last.

The intelligence man comes next I think that Mr Sig Maybury whose stories of past times are good and always nice & flavoury. Hell come and tell you straight one night "yes" tomorrow boys we charge "
Yes our Bn got the job though our numbers are not large and when you hear next day hes wrong and you are pleased as punch "Pooh" – knew it all the time – he'll say and go on with his trench.

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