Item 01: Walter V. Wright diary, 27 October 1915-11 February 1916 - Page 36

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the pennies. Ive got no money but I guess Ill beat it to town again.

30/12/15 Got back at 6AM this morning after good fly in town, equipment and everything else gone Yours truly put into the guard tent , entraining for some where, arrived at as somewhere it's a place called Tel-el-Kebir about 40 miles from Cairo, all the First Div. is here and they are exspecting some big stoush.

31/12/15 New Years day feeling very crook after effects I suppose. Got to go before the Colonel this morning for sentence
went before the CO of the company Colonel evidently c ouldn't stand for my dial got severe reprimand which went in one ear and out the other

16/1/16 Finding myself landed once more in "Clink" I take the opportunity

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