File 2: Hassall family, correspondence, volume 3, pp. 669-1202, 1819-1822: No. 155

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[MS 912]
4 Sept 1820
My very Dear Bro.
                                    I suppose your tender heart is full enough of sorrow from the tidings which this ship will have brot you. Your Bro. Samuel still remains pooly, his wife also. Parramatta house has been like a hospital. I was there on Saturday evening last at the interment of our Dear little Infant, which was placed in the same Vault with Dear Departed Father and place upon his coffin. Bro Samuels will join [….   ….]
            Your Dear Mother heard this affliction with great factitude, then Triumphant Death of Mr H is of real consolation to her mind. all the family will I trust get good to their Souls from this Providence _
            My Dear Mary is a perfect pattern of loss in piety. She sees the hand of the Lord in these occurrences, & wherever she sees that Hand, she instantly bows & worships __  I in close you the last weeks Gazette wherein you have a sketch of Mr H’s history, as received by the public. – I suppose Mr Eagan has given you all necessary information about the temporal arrangements which were amicably had prior to your Dear Fathers Death. I believe every one is pleased with these adjustments. I am happy to inform you that my soul has been much blest [Forever] out after God in these times of complicated trials, I know the Lord can do nothing amiss - kindness mingles with all he does and we shall praise for all, but most for the Lord_

Your Affn. Bro’ in the Lord
Walter Lawry
Mr Thomas Hassall
Our love and Christian regards await [Mrs?] Charles Marsden. let us have letters from you […..]


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