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September 1917
up & stopped him, & I believe, not a man of them got back alive. We advanced a couple of hundred yards, took prisoners & a great number of machine guns. The wire that the section put out last night & the night before had a lot to do with stopping his counter-attack. We finished work at 2 AM. & returned home. Fritz has been bombing heavily all
30th Returned home 4 AM to Cafe Belge. The section left Zillebeke Lake yesterday afternoon. The Tommie Engrs have taken over from us & are moving into this camp to-morrow. We are very tired after our spell but have had a very easy day. To-night Fritzs planes came over & dropped a few bombs very near our camp but we had no casualties. Our casualties in the stunt are as follows 10 killed 2 missing 20 wounded Lt Turner & Sgt Elliott are missing.
(28th I went out this afternoon with 2 sappers to test a well I found near Glencourse Wood & also continue the reconoisance. We returned home at midnight.)

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