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September 1917
20 continued being badly wounded. (There have been a lot of British wounded passing too)
At 8 PM the results of the Australian sector are as follows:- Have taken & advanced 500 yards past the 3rd objective & are still fighting, have advanced in all over 2500 yards past "Clapham Junction,"(our old front line), have taken over 2000 prisoners 73 guns, many "trench-mortas" & machine guns, & have had comparatively small casualties
Three counter-attacks have been launched by the Germans, but each time he has been repulsed, with heavy losses. The Tommies on our right have advanced about a mile. Lt Oliver & I have been down & pegged out a light railway over the trenches to be constructed as the advance proceeds.
Fritz is shelling heavily at intervals & the observation baloons & heavy guns have already begun to move forward.

Current Status: