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May 1916
28th We arrived in Alexandria about 6 A.M. this morning & emp embarked on the "Breton" (one of the Union Castle liners) The "Migantic" & the "Corcican" take the other part of the troops (2000 are with us) & we are all bound for England. The other two left the wharf & anchored in stream about 4 P.M. & we followed half an hour later. I had a short look round Alexandria this morning & spent about two hours there.
29th The "Corcican" & "Migantic" left about 10 AM with two Cruisers. & We left about 11.30 A.M. & the "Migantic" about an hour later. All men & officers have to wear lifebelts about with them & piquets are posted all round the ship on the lookout for submarines.

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