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24 continued little dugout with three other N.C.Os At 3.30 this afternoon I left for "Ginchy Dump" to investigate some trouble the ration parties had had lately with the trucks. A light railway has been constructed, runing past Delvil Wood and down to the Ginchy sunken road which it crosses near the "Eskimo Walk," & continues on to Needle Trench (about 2000 yds from the front line.) A ration party pushes light trucks from Ginchy Dump down to Needle Dump, & from there they are carried up to the front line. Fritz's shelling is very quiet in comparison to what it was when we first came here, & some of our guns have moved further up. The 5th Division are "hopping over" some time tonight (The 9th 29th & 59th are in the line)

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