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September 1917
nearly all through the day. Fritz began to counter-barrage about half an hour before us & he also kept it up throughout the day, with Glencourse Wood as its centre. The Division (5th) "hopped over" at daybreak & took their objective (about 1000 yds) The 3 sections followed the infantry over, & finished their job. Both Engrs & Inf. had received heavy casualties, but not nearly so great as the enemy
The 1st Brigade had lost all their officers & Pritchard took charge, "dug in" & consolidated the position. Over 2000 prisoners were taken & many machine-guns & trench mortas.
The casualties of the company up to 8 P.M. are as follows:- 9 killed, 14 wounded, 5 missing.
This afternoon I went out to find Lt Pritchard & brought him back. About 8 P.M. I took a party with a "Norton" Tube-well up to Hooge. No 4 section went out about 10 P.M. to the front line & "wired" (barb-wire) in front of the front line trench & returned home about 6 A.M. (no casualties)

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