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July 1917
26th A little squad drill was done this morning & we had the afternoon off.
27th On this mornings parade we were totified that the company would leave Corbie to-morrow. Lieut. Oliver is acting O.C. of the company, Captain Caddy having gone to Paris on leave.
We had the day off to get our gear ready & packed up & in the afternoon most of us went for a swim.
28th Reveille at 4.30 this morning & we left Corbie at 7 A.M. with all the transport & proceeded to Warloy-Baillon where we had dinner, arriving at 10 A.M. & leaving at 12 noon. We then proceeded on to Acheux about 23 Kms from Corbie & arrived at 2 P.M. Proceeded to billets.

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